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Welcome to Cottonwood Pass! It's not just a short cut to Crested Butte and Taylor Park Reservoir -- it's a mountain wonderland. About This Website


Ten Burpees (October 2014 Photos)

Unmelted Snow in August

Long Bike Ride

September 2014

Tons of Snow

Mountain Scenery

Nick Hughes in Colorado

Cycling Cottonwood Pass

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Fierce Snowstorm (October 2006)

Scenic Drive

Snow At Cottonwood Pass

Colorado Sunset

Continental Divide Trail

Gunnison County Road 209

Crested Butte
Crested Butte, CO

Taylor Park Reservoir

Tincup Pass
Tincup Pass

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    Buena Vista

    October Bicycle Ride
    Steve Garufi made one last bicycle ride to the pass on a late October afternoon with snowflakes coming down ... ... Read More
    Beautiful Sunset
    With Buena Vista photography Mark Shaw by my side, I captured this image of the gorgeous sunset at Cottonwood Pass ... View Images
    Mountains Galore
    It was another bike ride to Cottonwood Pass. I snapped eight photos and made one video of my time at 12000+ feet ... View Photos
    High Elevation In The Summer
    The oxygen might be less at 12K feet, but the joy and happiness you'll feel will be greater at Cottonwood Pass. Enjoy my eight photos and two videos of mountain scenery on the divide ... View Photos
    Snow and Scenery
    I biked part of the way up Chaffee County Road 306 and then when it got too cold, I drove to the top. There was SO MUCH SNOW at the pass ... View Photos
    Sunset Photos
    Cottonwood Pass Sunset Watching and photographing the sunset at Cottonwood Pass is a "must do" event for those who love the Colorado sky ... View Photos
    USA Pro Cycling Challenge
    The greatest professional cyclists came to Colorado for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. They rode over Cottonwood Pass during Stage 2, with many fans cheering them on ... Pro Cycling Tour
    Mountain Views - October 15
    A drive to Cottonwood Pass from Buena Vista allows for some great photo opportunities and two videos ... Mountain Views
    Mountain Scenery Videos
    On Labor Day weekend, I drove to the pass from Buena Vista, Colorado and made three mountain scenery videos ... Scenery Videos
    Cycling To The Pass
    For those who love cycling Colorado mountain passes, Cottonwood Pass must be on the list. Vacationers Robert and Twain began in Buena Vista and biked quite well ... Cycling
    Plenty Of Snow
    Steve Garufi traveled to Cottonwood Pass after it opened for 2011. Never has there been this much snow in early June. If you love snow in the mountains, check this out ... Snow At The Pass
    Good Hike For Beginners - CDT
    The Continental Divide Trail which leads to Point ~12,600' is a great hike for beginners or those wanting to acclimate to high altitude trails. Today Luis and I hiked to the summit early in the morning ... View Photos
    Snow Scenery At Cottonwood Pass
    When the pass opened for the summer season of 2010, I made the scenic drive from Buena Vista, CO to Cottonwood Pass. Enjoy 13 Colorado mountain and snow scenery photos ... View Photos
    Tundra Pool At Cottonwood Pass
    Tundra Pool at Cottonwood Pass Paul in Colorado Springs submitted four photos of the tundra pool at the divide ... View Photos

    Snowfall In The Mountains
    My photos and video clip of driving along Cottonwood Pass Road with snowy and icy conditions in many spots. Some pretty Colorado scenery ... View Photos

    Taylor River Road
    Photography along scenic Taylor Park Road in Gunnison County. The trails and hikes along this valley are many ... View Photos

    Brother Comes To Town
    My younger brother from New York City visited for the weekend. Here's a recap of our activities including our stop at Cottonwood Pass and our rafting trip through the Royal Gorge ... View Photos

    Evening At The Pass
    The sunset was a dud, but it didn't stop me from taking photos of the snow and mountain scenery. It was a lovely early June evening at the divide ... View Photos

    Cottonwood Pass Opens For 2009
    My first visit to Cottonwood Pass on the Continental Divide includes my annual photo of myself on a massive snow bank. The road is open, but a lot of beautiful Colorado snow remains ... View Photos

    Morning Walk - Snow & Mountains Photos
    I walked along Chaffee County Road 306 (the pass is still closed!) and took some photos. Lots of snow remains. It's great early morning snowshoeing conditions right now ... View Photos

    Journey To Snow
    Once again, I drove as far as I could on Cottonwood Pass Road before snow stopped me. Captured nice photos of mountains and snow ... View Photos

    Mountain Tour - Drive To Gate
    A drive from Buena Vista, CO to the east gate. Just a leisure photo tour of the mountains on a warm March day ... View Photos

    Autumn Colors Around The Pass
    A photo gallery of beautiful autumn foliage in the Cottonwood Pass area. I snapped a bunch of photos in late September 2008. Check them out! ... View Photos

    Snow Scenes and Hazy Sunset
    Snow Photos The contrast of white snow and pink clouds from a late October sunset at the divide was pretty ... View Photos
    Hike To Ptarmigan Lake
    Ptarmigan Lake Ptarmigan Lake is lake above timberline with grand views of Jones Mountain, Turner Peak and Mount Yale. Its trailhead is on Chaffee County Road 306 ... View Photos
    The Anti-Freeze Barf Incident
    Derek, Anna and Steve visited the pass last night and some interesting things happened ... View Photos
    Point 12,792 Feet
    Today I hiked to the second unnamed peak (12,792 feet) south of Cottonwood Pass, simply by walking along the divide ... View Photos

    Icy & Snowy In October
    I squeezed in one final visit to Cottonwood Pass before it closes for the long winter season. It was snowy, it was icy, it was really ding-dang cold and windy ... View Photos

    Welcome to Cottonwood Pass! is a photography-based website dedicated to Colorado's Cottonwood Pass region. If you are an admirer of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, you are in the right place! If you vacation regularly around Buena Vista, Tincup or Taylor Park Reservoir, I hope this site inspires you.

    Mt. Yale Hike - Nearby 14er

    Mt. Yale Colorado

    In July, Steve and Megan hiked to the summit of Mt. Yale via the standard route from the Denny Creek Trail. To view all photos, click here: Mount Yale Hike.

    Cottonwood Pass Opening

    Click the image above to see photos of the snowy mountain scenery near the divide at Cottonwood Pass, or just click here: Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

    About Steve

    Some background about this website, created by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista: About This Page

    Steve's First Visit To The Pass

    Steve, the webmaster, first visited the pass in September 2003 at the height of the autumn colors showing in the mountains. Using a now obsolete Mavica digital camera with 900 kilobytes per photo, he captured some very pretty shots. You can view those photos here: Cottonwood Pass First Visit.


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