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Another Pretty Colorado Sunset - June 18, 2008

Colorado Sunset - Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
Rocky Mountains
The sun begins to set behind the mountains.
Colorado Sunset
Lots of pretty color horizontally.
Colorado Sunset
Colorado sunsets are especially hard to beat when you are standing on a clear and high vantage point like Cottonwood Pass, altitude 12,126 feet.

Mountain Parachute
The Three People I Met And Encountered

I met and saw some very interesting people at Cottonwood Pass this evening. Firstly, I spotted a guy jump off the side of ~12,700' Unnamed Point SEE of the pass. It definitely looked a little dangerous, but then again, so did bicycling across Alabama to some people. ;)

Gunnison County Road 209 I photographed the sunset and spoke with a local guy named Taylor. The thing that stuck out the most in our conversation was his bold admittance that he was named Taylor because his parents conceived him near Taylor Park Reservoir. How about that? I really should have captured a picture of him!

I drove off a little way on Gunnison County Road 209 to get a better angle of the sunset colors and mountains, and I created another picture of myself on the road with the camera's timer. The mountains known as the "Three Apostles" and Ice Mountain are somewhere in the background.

Bicyclist Lastly, a man from Iowa bicycled to the top on the Gunnison County side. We got to talking and he is participating in the Ride The Rockies bicycling event happening in our state. He rode up the pass this evening to get a head start with the other 1,500 bicyclists coming later in the week.

He did not have his camera with him, and so I was happy to get a nice shot of him and send it to his e-mail account. I told him that he ought to share with much pride and jubiliation to his friends and family in Iowa that he bicycled to the summit of one of the hardest passes in Colorado. Way to go!

The pictures above were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His personal web site is www.ColoradoGuy.com.

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