West Side of Cottonwood Pass Road In Gunnison County (Photos)

Colorado Rocky Mountains May 27, 2006 - I begin this photo gallery on the west side of Cottonwood Pass. This is my journey on Gunnison County Road 209 as I journey downhill to Taylor Park Reservoir. Warm weather has arrived and its time to reclaim our mountains!
Look at how the road squiggles down there.
Many large snow drifts remain.
Taylor Park Reservoir Continuing downhill, I snapped this shot of Taylor Park Reservoir and some of the mountains in the background.
Oh yes, plenty of snow remains, especially on the north side of mountain slopes and ridges. :)
Gunnison County Road 209 Here is one stretch where the aspens have forgotten that it is spring time! :p)
Stage Stop Meadows The Stage Coach Meadows.
Almost all the way down ...
Taylor Park Reservoir Beautiful Taylor Park Reservoir!

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    -Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is www.ColoradoGuy.com.

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